07.07.09 – Guster = McDonald’s = America

Road Journal slowly dissolving into a bunch of videos with unnecessary words inbetween.  We just played at the Rothbury festival in Michigan, which was fun, even if we felt a little out of place among the gypsies in the Sherwood Forest.  Here’s a taste:

Minutes later Joe and I were the ones lying on our backs inbetween the gongs wearing American Eagle sweatshirts and communing with our inner hippies.  Later that night we got all the zen out of our system at a McDonald’s somewhere in Michigan.

And before you go thinking that drive thru policies have loosened up in regard to walk-ups, they made Scooter shout the order to them from inside our bus, 12 feet from the window, rather than walking up to the window.

What happened next is hard to explain, but you can only watch Rothbury wookies dance naked for so long before you finally listen to Paula Abdul on another level.  D.F. Yonkman is the man behind the iPhone.

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