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11.06.09 – Giant Frozen Castle!

Instead of playing the Waterstreet Music Hall, a hearty intimate venue with microbrews, a cozy balcony, and a lovely riverside restaurant right next door, tonight we’re playing in The Armory, a giant frozen castle ready to take on thousands of hurricane refugees should we need it to. It’s where “everyone plays in Rochester now.”

Bring your coat, wear your coat.  Watch the drummer’s hands shatter like concrete even though the inside temperature (42 degrees) is warmer than the outside temperature (38 degrees).  They had delicious soup for lunch at the Armory.

Adam just walked into the front lounge of the bus and asked me and Scooter if we’d tried out the showers in the basement of the Armory yet (Adam bathes on tour).  I said I’d been down there for a minute, but it was really cold.  Instead of asking the usual “are the bathrooms like Trainspotting” question, Adam followed up with “I’m picturing the bathrooms like that movie ‘Saw’ — is that what it’s like?”

And for those of you who’ve made it through that movie, the question is a punch line in and of itself.

After the Cincinnati show the other night, we watched the Yankees win the world series on the bus, and unwittingly watched 11 unbearable Jorge Posada interviews before the channel mercifully got switched to a movie station where “Marked for Death” starring Steven Seagal was just starting.  Usually I’d take my cue to brush my teeth and go to bed in a situation like this, but with like 9 of us watching and the volume down, it turned into a Guster version of MST3K… there was plenty of witty commentary and clever imposed dialogue coming out, but it mostly piled on top of each other in a blur of eager horrible Seagal impressions.  Scooter and Seth thrive in environments like this and actually landed a few solid punches.  I didn’t realize movies that were made in the 90s could feel so dated.  It probably felt dated the day it was released.

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