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05.10.10 – Meanwhile we have been playing our instruments…

Yikes.  Guster shows, hopelessly undocumented Guster shows, dissolving into history with nary a mention on the Official Road Blog of the band.  Is this how bands react when they finish an album that took them two years to complete?

Yes.  Yes it is.

Let’s test the memory.  We started off with a show in Massachusetts and it was a good one.  We played surprisingly well.  I sang a Phil Collins tune.

Then we flew out to Vail Colorado.  Technical problems.  Sunburn.  Ankle soreness from tight ski boots.  Band was off.  I sang a Phil Collins tune again.  Ryan saved the show with a spew song about being “800 miles above the sea” or something.  Adam saved the road journal by snapping a cool photo of the Vail crowd and an even cooler photo of a kid in the front row who brought his RYAN SUCKS t-shirt with him (now available at Urban Outfitters for $30).

Then we played at Union College and my daughter danced while her dad drum-a-dum-dummed and my daughter winced while her dad sang a Phil Collins tune.

I am forgetting a show.  There was one other show.

That’s all for now.  This counts as a road journal (and a damn good one).  Bring on the blackened beaches of Gulf Shores AL and our old friend Ray Lamontagne.

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