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09.23.10 – All Things Must Pass

Some parting words from Joe Pisapia…

In the age of Twitters and Facebooks I find myself conflicted, constrained and in a little pain (while typing on my I phone,) as I try to offer a condensed version of what is to be my final guest Road Journal.  Don’t worry, you’ll still see me in D.F Yonkman videos in the studio with the guys, but I will miss you in person, on the road.  Truthfully I am amazed, almost surprised, when I consider the gravity of looking back on seven and a half years (!) of playing shows with Guster.  To me it feels more like five months or a year… but I guess time flies when you’re having fun.

So with that being said here is my 128 character (or less,) farewell to the road days:

2 all my new BFF’s —10Q and C ya L8tr LOL 😉

*For those of you who are “not into the whole brevity thing” -read on.

Sincerely, I am filled with gratitude to my brethren in Guster and to all of the fans,  that have allowed me to experience this wonderful chapter in my life.  There are far too many memories to mention here but I will attempt to list some of my favorite moments.

-Going to the City Museum in St Louis with the guys after a show.
-Floating down the Boise River with some people we just met, before a show.
-Hiking down to Crater Lake.
-Performing  with The Boston Pops at Symphony Hall.
-Being on tour with the Zamboni’s. (Dave Zamboni — top 3.)
-Hiking to natural hot springs outside of Santa Fe NM.
-Performing the Violent Femmes first record at Arlene’s in NY for MTV2.
-Spending a day at Badlands Nat’l Park.
-Taking the stage via Segways in Boston.
-Every Sixthman cruise that we did, especially with BNL, some of the nicest and funniest guys on the planet.

And here are some particular things in general that I will miss:
-The fans, especially the ones I got to know and the ones that made delicious cookies etc.
-Spending the late afternoons (between soundcheck and showtime,)  playing extreme bocce with the guys.
-Getting to visit and explore towns that aren’t usual tourist destinations I.E., anywhere Iowa, Mankato MN, Billings MT, Vermillion SD etc.
-The extended family on the road:  Gord, Seth, Josh, Anderson, Andrew, Allyson, Amy, Gerald, Roger, etc.
-Late night poker games on a cardboard box in the bus.
-Playing bass.  Especially on songs like Ruby Falls, C’mon, Hang On, and This Could All Be Yours.
-Every seemingly unexciting family dinner at Applebees or Outback when we were stuck out in strip mall hell.  (Funny how the most mundane moments have such particular reverie.)
-Mostly I will miss all the laughter that we would do on a daily/ hourly / moment-by-moment basis.

What I won’t miss:
-Porta potties
-Wet turkey sandwiches with yellow mustard.
-Having the keyboards act weird at a show.
-Attempting to play any sport, other than bocce, with the other Gusters.  (They’re all practically semi-pro (WTF?!))

I couldn’t be more proud of “Easy Wonderful.”  Brian, Adam, Ryan and I poured our hearts and souls into it, and I think it sounds that way.  Our creative relationship remains intact, and I look forward to having everyone back at Middletree for what will be the record after EW.

So be nice to Luke.  He is your new friend.  His musicianship is only tantamount to his character, which is exemplary.

And don’t be a stranger.  Be friends with my music page on facebook.  Or just put my name in the google machine from time to time.  I promise that I will finish a follow up to Daydreams in the near future.

Love to all of you!

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