10.27.10 – Ithaca

Ithaca NY — Ryan was under the weather and didn’t have much of a voice at this show, which usually isn’t a huge problem because we can lean on our other singer to step up whenever this happens.  Except that Adam had a cold and a froggy voice too.

So we went out there and just tried our best.  We didn’t let the drummer sing, but we did resort to other tactics (Ryan “crowd-surfed” while singing a Neil Diamond song for the first time in like, five years) to make sure the crowd was entertained.  We are entertainers.  Here we are now.

And I felt like it was a great show.  It was one of the tightest Do You Love Me’s we’ve ever played, except for the fact that our vocalists sounded mid-puberty on every chorus.

Before the show I wrote “Scooter is GORGES” on the keyboard-chalkboard, as a nod to the omnipotent green t-shirt that’s one of the most famous exports of the town we were playing in.  I thought I did a good job.  And Adam thought he did a great job adding Scooter and a can of Sunkist into the mix.

Later we realized that while we were going for something like the famous smiling Scooter in this photo….

… we came closer to recreating Little Black Sambo the famous smiling racist stereotype in this picture.  Apologies.  We are slowly improving as chalk artists.

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