10.28.10 – And the winner is…

Seems fitting to announce this one after a great homecoming-show-of-sorts at the State Theater in Portland ME.  Whereas most of Easy Wonderful is about the usual Guster lyrical topics (catastrophes, depression, drowning, loneliness, troubled relationships, armageddon, general insecurity, biblical floods), the one song we asked you to submit videos for, “Bad Bad World,” is actually hopeful and optimistic.  I don’t know what got into us (Ryan) on that one.

And that’s why we chose Nora McCormack video as the winner…

Her simple idea was moving and inspiring and brought the best out of the lyric.  We’re happy to put her work in there among our other videos, like the one where the paper mache pig with the ear that looks like it was burned off floats away with balloons, and the one where we are cartoon mimes.

I would be a horrible person if I didn’t mention that this was a difficult decision, and the creativity in all your submissions was humbling.  Here are a few honorable mentions, with a special shout-out to the Candyman Crew, because we want your smiling, mustached protagonist on stage with us as soon as possible…


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