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12.18.10 – Jason is sad


Stuck with a two hour delay at the Detroit Airport today, Jason, our tour manager, made a costly decision regarding his lunch.

He checked out the “PB & J” shop in our terminal and balked at the $4.50 price tag.

“Four fifty for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, no thanks” was his official statement.  Jason is a careful and frugal person when it comes to meals on the road — yesterday he passed up a chance to eat chicken fried steak at the legendary Chuck House in Oklahoma City with the members of Hanson because there was free bbq backstage at the venue we were playing.  I did the same because I’m cheap too.  The bbq was respectable and free but I kind of wish I’d gone to Chuck House.

Anyway, Jason opted for a Quizno’s Burnt Sandwich (sorry, I mean toasted sub) at the airport instead.  He probably spent 7 or 8 dollars on it, and lost critical volume on the edges where the bread was charred to the point that it flaked off with a flick of the finger.  Meanwhile, my brain was crunching the numbers on the peanut butter decision.   Sure, it’s peasant-food, but did he even see how big the sandwich was when he made his decision?  Did he look at the options?  Cashew-butter, fluff, bacon (!?)… on the bread of your choice?  This little PB&J joint was sounding less like a gimmick and more like a sensible and delicious way to fill your belly for five bucks at the airport.

Luke and I wasted little time.  I gave him two bucks and he returned minutes later with a heaping sandwich for us to split — crunchy peanut butter and blackberry jam with banana slices on 8-grain bread.  It was huge.  It was tasty as hell.  I was full after half a sandwich.  Jason watched, awash in a world of regret.

So next time Ryan does a “Layover Lunch” on the Twitter (no takers yesterday at O’Hare) (note to self: band needs to be more popular in order to truly break tweeting ground), expect peanut butter.  Our treat.

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