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04.03.11 – Whyyyyyy!

Our bus on this tour has a shower in it.  This is not a good thing.  No one is going to shower on the bus.  It uses up most of your water tank, for one, and then you’re all naked and exposed in a claustrophobic closet around your crew, which now includes two ladies (“Megan” who sells our merchandise and “Fallon” who is searching for Brita Filterers).

Every inch of space is precious when you are traveling with a full bus and so we use the shower to store a few bags.  Ryan’s bags.  Adam’s bags.  Do you see where this is going already?  Because it went there.

Ryan was pulling his bag out of the shower and the strap got caught on the water valve and turned the shower on.  Water pouring down on their stuff, including Adam’s computer bag.  Ryan panicked and didn’t think logically.  He couldn’t figure out how to turn the valve off and so he cupped his hands around the shower head, making the water spray and drip and reach the bags through less direct avenues.

Then he started yelling “Nooo!” and eventually “Whyyyyy!” but never thought to just pull the bags out of the shower.  Scooter had to come do that.  At some point they got the water shut off.  Adam’s computer still works.  And here is another classic Scooter photo from backstage in Cleveland:

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