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05.11.11 – Fenway

We got a sweet last minute hook-up and were able to check out the Red Sox game Saturday afternoon at Fenway before our Boston show.  Kind of perfect because the House of Blues is now a giant club on Lansdowne Street behind the Green Monster, and not a cute little music shack in Harvard Square.  You could hit the House of Blues with a towering home run, if you were Manny Ramirez, before your third violation for using a substance that was banned by major league baseball.

Anyway, we got to the game in the top of the third inning, just as the LL Bean tarp was being spread across the infield, kicking off a two hour rain delay.  We almost caught the whole thing (the whole rain delay) but after an hour and a half we had to go to soundcheck.  All was not lost!  Fenway franks really live up to the hype… and here’s a bad iPhone photo of the rarely executed “hot dog cheers” where condiments, nitrites, magic, and spit fuse together for a cosmic moment of ballpark hot dog superiority…

(Can you see I am serious!  This is no place for loafers)

That’s our good friend Samantha being cute in the middle, Ryan Miller looking ornery on the right, and that’s Luke Reynolds doing his best impression of the guy on the cover of “The Bends” on the left.

We should eat Fenway Franks before every show because Boston was the best show of the tour.  And for more strange crossover between Guster and Fenway Park, please watch this video:

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