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06.13.11 – More sweet than bitter

I know there are a lot of people out there with not nice things to say about the airport in Denver… that there are “murals” about the “extinction of races”, that the “runways” are shaped like “swastikas”, that there’s a “bunker” beneath the airport the size of China that will house our leaders when the “apocalypse” comes, that the “zombie death horse with the crazy red eyes represents the New World Order but you must not criticize this because the artist that created him died in the process by impaling himself on his own horse“… (hey I just work here) (if there was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich-works store at the Denver Airport, I’d gladly write about that instead) (but there isn’t)…

…but can we put all that aside for a moment and agree the best thing about the Denver Airport is the little boogie woogie piano sound that the tram makes when it departs for the gate?

Whenever it happens I look around at the other people on the train with me to see if anyone else is getting their rocks off from it. Nope.

Speaking of rocks, hey, we played at Red Rocks, finally. Red Rocks is an outdoor amphitheater built in 1941 in the cove created by giant natural red boulders. It’s an extraordinary place to have a concert, and the people who attend shows there revere the venue — it feels like you’re in the desert of Arizona or Utah, when you’re actually just miles from Denver, with a view of the city skyline from up atop the rock bleachers.

Before the show I was standing next to a couple of security guards in yellow t-shirts, and one of them listened in to his walkie talkie and then said “I gotta go, there’s a rattlesnake on the south ramp” — which I took to be code for something, like “someone spilled a Sprite on the south ramp, we need a mop, right away” etc etc… and then I asked the other security guard what it meant. Real rattlesnake on the ramp where people are walking into the concert. Happens all the time.

“How do you deal with a rattlesnake?” I asked.

“Catch him with a stick. Put him in a bag.”

I wish I could impart to you just how bored this guy seemed with my question.

Here’s a photo from backstage at Red Rocks.

One day, if my band headlines Red Rocks, you should come.  For now, we’re grateful that Big Head Todd & the Monsters gave us a chance to play there as the support act.  It’s kind of been a dream of ours to headline there, but opening up a show was sweet too.  More sweet than bitter.

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