08.08.11 – Week In Review

Cape Cod Melody Tent 8/2:

As promised / threatened … in my first “revolving” concert since I saw Air Supply on a rotating stage in Connecticut when I was ten, the band let me sing “All Out of Love” for the encore in Hyannis.  Will Forte joined us on beautiful, sincere vocals.  No lettuce was harmed during the performance of this song.

Danbury CT 8/3:

It was raining, and we were playing in a gazebo suspended on a pond.  Most of the people on the lawn had found their way down to the white plastic seats closer to the stage when Ryan Miller took off his socks, removed his watch, unhinged his belt, took off his pants, and asked “how deep is this?” before wading into the waist-high moat in front of the stage, where he sang Stand By Me, and maybe some other songs.  After the show he skipped the “Meet n Greet” and checked himself for leeches in the shower.  There’s a video, and one commenter claims to have seen his “kern”…

Newport RI 8/4:

Some nice lady invited us to sail on a yacht that afternoon and so we did.  After the show we went to “Reggae Night” in the basement bar beneath our hotel.  The keyboard player for the reggae band was absolutely out of his mind and surely believed he was part dragon.  Newport is a place where you eat ice cream and look at fancy houses.

Portland 8/5:

Another fun show at the State Theater, which is where we filmed our live DVD many years ago.  There were plenty of high points, including Ryan singing “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac, off the cuff, and me singing “Under the Bridge” (that one was actually on the set list), but for us the real highlight was the first Guster Family Summit since the three girls were babies.  Take a look at our collective spawn now!

{clockwise from top, center — Sloan Gardner, Jolene Rosenworcel, Julian Gardner, Dash Miller, Leo Miller}

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