09.04.11 – Andrew “Scooter” Laubacher 2005-2011

He’s not dead.  Just dead to us.  After six and a half years as Guster’s drum tech, Scooter is moving on to dedicate more time to his many musical projects in San Francisco, where he lives.  At 4350 Geary Blvd.  Just a few blocks west of Burma Superstar Restaurant in Inner Richmond.  When you get to 4350 Geary, hit the buzzer for the second floor, or if the first door is open, which it usually is, enter the vestibule and then push on the second door (knob doesn’t turn) which leads to the staircase.

I am distracting myself from the point.  Scooter will be missed terribly over here.  Nevermind the fact that he’s an incredible drummer who took a lot of our songs to new levels, musically — but as a person that’s been a core member of our road family since 2005, his unique energy will be hard to replace.  Those of you who’ve seen him play live may have noticed that in addition to his youthful appearance, he has a perpetual glued-on smile — and while a lot of big smilers are really just putting a happy face over some seriously fucked-up inner darkness, Scooter’s spirit just shined purely when he was on stage with us.  He’s one of a kind positive spirit.  His parents did some things right.  He can nap anywhere, anytime, like a kitty.

And so he gets his very own photo collage, just like Pasty did.  Just like Sean did.  Except now we don’t have a graphic person in the office to make it look all pro.  Sorry Scooter, you deserve better than this linear wordpress crap.


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One response to “09.04.11 – Andrew “Scooter” Laubacher 2005-2011

  1. julie

    I miss scooter!

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