Denver and beyond…

Here we are on stage with the Colorado Symphony a few days ago.  There were two rehearsals before we put the show on at Boettcher Hall in Denver — each rehearsal was about two hours.  With a 22 song set, certain songs got the benefit of two practice run-throughs, others (Backyard) got just one.

The show was phenomenal.  Just a really special career highlight.  We’d done this once before with the Boston Pops and that was great, but only 8 songs.  Playing an hour and a half of material backed by a symphony allowed us to go a little deeper with the setlist.  Lightning Rod, Rocketship, and Long Way Down were highlights for me.

The lack of rehearsal meant there was a healthy amount of fear on stage at all times.  You need that energy to have an inspired show.  Too much of it and things just go off the rails (Backyard), but credit goes to Scott, the symphony’s conductor, for keeping things together, even during Backyard, where no one in Guster was counting the 35 bar intro that cues where the vocal, piano, and strings are supposed to enter together.

I hope we get to play more shows with symphonies and I hope we got a good recording of Denver and I hope you spell “symphonies” like that, it looks weird, but mac mail didn’t give me the little dotted red line, so moving on…

Ryan’s tweet today:


Yes, I drank my first cup of coffee today at age 38.  How this came to be is not important, all that anyone needs to know is that I gambled and lost at breakfast two hours later, so I think it was my last cup ever.

Fortunately, after breakfast we were planning to pay a visit to our friend’s bamboo underwear warehouse anyway.  They had Huggie Wipes in the bathroom, and fresh, free, slightly irregular pairs of boxers for the celebrity visitors.  Here is Ryan’s next tweet-pic:

I am the only member of the band without a roll of toilet paper stuffed down the front or jeans on.  Christ, I *sharted* a half hour before this picture was taken and I still wasn’t afraid.  We hope our exploitation leads to a huge spike in sales, FiveBamboo, maker of Bamboxers that we love.

“Bamboxers are the difference between a good day and a *great* day.” — Adam Gardner of Guster


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6 responses to “Denver and beyond…

  1. Blu-ray 1080p with 7.1 Tru HD sound for this show… Mmkay? Mmkay. I’m glad we’re all in agreement.

  2. How bad was Backyard? Can can we expect it on a D-side somewhere so we can laugh hysterically at it?

  3. my favorite quote: “Bamboxers are the difference between a good day and a *great* day.” — Adam Gardner of Guster

    glad you guys are having fun. sorry you sharted. looking forward to april 4th!

  4. Is a recording of this show (either video or audio) available? I’ll even pay for it legally rather than steal it online.

  5. Nancy Heath

    First cup of coffee!?!? How do you survive, strong tea? Enough sugar for a birthday party? Caffeinated soap from ThinkGeek? I’ve actually considered that one… But I am holding out for pharmacy school.

  6. Beth Prins

    Your highlights were my highlights (along with Either Way, Two Points, Two at a Time, and Hercules — loved the slightly ramped up drums on that one).

    As far as the bamboxers picture goes… well, this is the guster we all know and love. The parka/underwear combo is an interesting look (perhaps Luke could lose a bet sometime that requires him to dress like that for one of these laid back acoustic shows — make it happen). And I have to say Ryan looks a little too content with his decision to stay fully clothed. There’s no “I” in “team,” Ry…

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