Guster Between Two Ferns

The Acoustic Tour has begun.  If you follow Ryan on Twitter you know we’ve been promising aftershow passes to people who bring certain requested items to the show.  We started with plants in Salt Lake City, as the stage looked a little barren and needed some green.  There was a guy in the balcony yelling “I brought a ficus!” all night.  We asked for lamps in Seattle and got a couple of good ones that helped warm up the stage.  A few people in Portland came through with our request for clocks (or anything “with a bird on it”).  The end result of this game will be a stage that looks like a Salvation Army by the time we hit the east coast, but for a brief moment in Seattle the other night, we looked a lot like “Between Two Ferns”….

Guster Acoustic Tour:


Between Two Ferns:


Thanks to everyone for playing along.  Also, sorry that we didn’t give anyone aftershow passes.

4 hours late for load-in in San Francisco!


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8 responses to “Guster Between Two Ferns

  1. Jaimie

    and what additional items are you looking for in NY or locally thus far? Would love to help out in any way I can and pass the word along to friends on the tour with ya!

  2. MB

    Why didn’t anyone get after show passes?

  3. Jenn

    Let me know what you want for
    Boston’s afternoon show on the 21st

  4. Matthew Call

    Awesome show in Portland last night! The strings and acoustic arrangement added a different take on a lot of songs. Going with the between two ferns, interview show theme, there was one point I felt like I was on the Chris Farley Show. Remember that one time?

  5. Johnny Boy

    Hey fellas,

    The Salt Lake City show was THE MOST ENTERTAINING show I’ve ever been to of any band. I kept pulling my cheeks down they hurt so much from laughing. To think, I almost didn’t go!

    Oh, you also sounded great!

  6. David Axelrod

    What are you going to want for the show in Chicago? How ‘bouot an early-bird heads-up?


  7. Sally

    I saw you at Largo- what a great show! Loved the drum sound- tuning, playing with hands, sticks, really good backbone for the songs. Nice harmonies, great bass lines. And fantastic lyrics.
    Haven’t seen you before- will look for you again.


  8. Hailey

    Salt Lake City was the most interactive and hilarious concert i’ve ever been to!!!:) i will truly never forget that!:)

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