Bongos & Blizzards, Baby!

After days and days of blue skies, temperatures in the 60s, and spring skiing at the Crested Butte Resort in Colorado, we showed up and played a concert outside during a ferocious blizzard on Sunday.

The BNLs played the day before us and had a gorgeous sunny afternoon full of fans, curiosity-seekers in tank tops, and good vibes.  We had howling winds that sent tents somersaulting across the stage and a white-out where you couldn’t see a foot in front of you.  My snare drum was soaking wet and didn’t sound like a snare drum by the end of the show.  We played a 90 minute set outside in these conditions.  It was awesome.  One guy in the crowd took his shirt off during Hercules.  


When Big Head Todd played after us, the snow had actually started to *accumulate* on stage.  An inch or two, all the way up to the drum riser.  Piled up against their guitar amps.  

Ed and Tyler from BNL were in the crowd, tweeting about the show.  I could see their gray beards.

We had to leave right after the show to try to get over a mountain pass before the Dept of Transportation closed it.  We were too late.  It was closed until morning and everyone missed their flights home. 




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6 responses to “Bongos & Blizzards, Baby!

  1. this is one of your funniest blogs yet. love ya brian! see you in two weeks pals.

  2. Daniel Marshall

    I would have braved the snow happily. It had to be one of the most unique concerts ever! Snow and Guster…sign me up. You guys are the coolest band (literally), but seriously you guys are great!

  3. Martin Schmidt

    I was the guy without the shirt, and thanks for playing Metallica!

  4. Nicky

    We were at the concert in CB. Spring Break for Western State College. Our son is a big fan of Guster. Full conditions at 9000′! We loved the concert, seriously some of the best live music ever.

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