Girl Energy

The other night in a pleasant little suburban village north of Philly our opener finished at 8:30 and the stage was set and ready to go soon after that, so we thought, being a weeknight, we’d go on at 8:50 rather than 9 and make it an early night.  

No such luck.  Charlene still had curlers in her hair.  Curlers!


There’s girl energy on the bus for the first time ever.  Three girls –left to right above — April (cello), Charlene (violin), and Katie (merchandise).  When you live on a bus and fart in the narrow aisle between the bunks it can make things complicated.  You have to think twice before going to bed in The Boxers Where You Pop Out The Hole.  You have to wear Bamboxers almost every day.

Or, if you’re Luke, after the show you have a couple of pints at the Karaoke bar in Keswick or Glenside, or wherever we were, and you choose “Fa Fa” from the book.  Before handing you the mic, the karaoke master dj man says “I don’t think we’ve ever played this one here!”


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8 responses to “Girl Energy

  1. Beth Prins

    Sorry about the girl cooties on your bus. You’ll get through this.

    Also, that Luke karaoke video was way too short. Longer drunken karaoke videos next time, please.

  2. Greg Germ

    Damn I’d love to see all y’all bang out a karaoke version of one of the songs. I’m sure there are rockstar rules against it, though.

  3. Nickea

    If you ever need another girl just let me know. I think something can be arranged.

  4. Wendy

    A friend and I sang Amsterdam at karaoke once and I’m pretty sure they said the same thing 🙂

  5. i agree. more drunken karaoke and dancing videos please!

  6. mizz gen

    I love singing some guster at karaoke. I don’t do it well….but after a few it doesn’t really matter.

    Be lucky you don’t have me on the bus, I fart very freely.

  7. Just to continue the boosts of Guster’s self esteem, I sing Careful whenever I have a Karaoke chance 🙂 you were wonderful at the Keswick, I hope your fans don’t annoy you too much by the end of this tour! “Parachute! Window!”

  8. Jasper Focker

    Enjoying you guys right now at this very minute on LFDH. Wow. Awesome. I might have heard of you before but the name g-g-g-guster didn’t feel right to my brain so I ran the other way for years it seems until I bumped into g-g-g-guster again at LFDH website. But I kept putting off watching y’all’s episode with Daryl because, because, yeah, the name, the name g-g-g-guster didn’t love my brain or vice versa or vice versa that vice versa. Anyway, after watching Allen Stone and Grace Potter (hubba hubba, eh!? yeah baby!) and many others at Daryl’s house I finally had to face, that name, you know, that name…g-g-g-guster. Y’all are awesome! Really, no shit. Come to Louisville cause I don’t stutter anymore when I say Guster.

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