Jeff Garlin only lasted a few nights on the bus before he decided he was taking planes and trains to the rest of the shows on the tour, but he still got a little adventurous last night in DC and went to Ben’s Chili Bowl with me for dinner.

One of us wiped the chili off of our half-smoked hot dog.  Just saying.

Here’s a ten second clip from the Passover Seder we threw together in the basement of the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee last week.  It’s hard to understand what’s going on, but I’ll try to help — Adam is describing the relevance of the shankbone or something, and we’re all waiting patiently to eat.  Ryan downs the gefilte fish on his plate, before he’s supposed to, and Jeff gets pissed.  It’s our very own Curb Your Enthusiasm Moment!


A couple more things:


1)  I ate a second Ben’s Chili Bowl Hot Dog later that night

2)  Adam threw up his Ben Chili Bowl dogs at 5 in the morning on a moving bus

3)  We’re shooting a DVD of the show tonight in Tarrytown!




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6 responses to “Garlin

  1. memmer

    Can’t wait for Tarrytown (Im asking my girlfriend to prom during the concert)

  2. Jason

    Jeez man, bury the lead story a little more. Adam puking should have played way higher.

  3. Greg L.

    I’m aware this is a bit delayed but I’m just letting you know that the show at the Pabst Theater was absolutely amazing! That was by far my favorite performance I’ve ever seen you guys put on. ..and I’d really like to meet you guys at some point in my life ha. I suppose I could always request you to play Window.

  4. Do the thrown up hot dogs require a bag of shame, or is that acceptable?

  5. Gary C

    What ever happened to the DVD you filmed in Boston during the Lost and Gone Forever show?

  6. Dawn

    Adam threw up bc he is only supposed to eat meat in TN.

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