Everything Is Big in Texas

Big cars!  Big slices of white bread with your bbq!  Big 116 ounce sodas at gas stations!  Even the cross that hangs over the church pulpit where a band of Jews are performing songs about Jesus is big. 



Sarcastic songs about Jesus.  Or are they?  It was nice to play a couple of shows in Texas where the audiences were dead silent and we could air out the set list (Two at a Time, Long Way Down, Empire State, Rainy Day, Rocketship, That’s No Way to Get to Heaven, etc)… never have consecutive audiences been treated to such a vast sampling of our slower, more depressing material! 


But what a great experience we had in Texas this week (all we have to do is skip Houston and Texas is GREAT to us) — the Dallas Symphony Orchestra show was a career highlight, we were all very focused and relaxed on stage, despite the fact that we had just one hasty rehearsal two days before the show.


And in Austin we played in a Presbyterian church.  We encored in the balcony.  The people in the first pew were closer to my ride cymbal than I was.  We sang “Amen” going from the four chord to the one chord after every song, way past the point where the joke was funny, on through the realm where it was mildly amusing sheerly for its persistence, and into the realm where it was unbelievably annoying and if they sing “Amen” after the next song we might as well just get up and leave.







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18 responses to “Everything Is Big in Texas

  1. Brandon

    The show was BEYOND wonderful… one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, if only for the loosely-structured nature of it. The ‘Amen’s were hilarious… and ‘Window’ was EPIC. Thanks for an AWESOME night of music and fun!! Austin loves you!!!

  2. Josh

    Thundergod, my wife and I really enjoyed your set with the DSO on Saturday. I felt bad about Ryan’s vocal challenges (no he knows how you feel?), but it was kind of heartwarming to see Adam bail him out on some of the higher notes. Having seen you guys a half dozen times, there were a lot of firsts that night!

  3. As a Guster fan currently residing in Houston, this makes me sad… but completely understandable.

  4. Rachel

    GUSTER I love you guys so much,
    but there are GUSTER fans in Houston. Not only do you have fans in Houston, but it really sucks when your favorite band refuses to play your city and cites your city as the problem, like all people from Houston are terrible. It feels like a personal attack on me and the people who live here. Why should I bother to have to drive across the state to see you, when you cant even be decent enough to say something like “I’m sorry we didn’t hit your town”, instead of “all we have to do is skip Houston and Texas is GREAT to us”. Don’t dump on a city where people here are paying for your music, and wait with baited breath for your next album and tour. Texas is GREAT, and that includes Houston and your fans here.

  5. Mike

    Saw you guys in Dallas, great show!! The crowd was a little sedate, probably related to the DSO setting, but thoroughly enjoyed the concert

  6. “Focused and relaxed” is a good way to describe it. Y’all were incredible on stage in Dallas! Texas loves Guster!

  7. peterpiper

    What do you have against Houston. You have many long time and loyal fans in Houston who come to see you every time you come to town. Sorry to have missed you this time around.

  8. Jen B.

    Houston isn’t all that bad! We drove out to Austin from Houston to see you! Great show at the Central Presbyterian! Most unique venue ever!

  9. Teresa

    Peace be with you!! xoxoxo

  10. Steve Durhman

    Could feel the air blowing out from the bass drum on my feet. Yes the drums were close in Austin but it was a great show. The acoustics in that church were wonderful. Thanks for hanging out with us afterwards.

  11. jdereamer

    Hey, I was one of those people in the first pew! There were a couple times I wanted to reach out and accompany you, but I didn’t think you’d appreciate that. Considering that I’d been to 18 of your shows before this, I thought I’d seen it all. I’ve seen you guys perform inside, outside, on a cruise ship, in a stadium and in a record store. But Sunday’s show still managed to be completely unique. Thank you for an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING show!

  12. My wife (then girlfriend) and I drove from Austin to Houston to see you play in, um, 2005? Thanks for hitting Texas again! And we LOVED the acoustic show!

  13. Shannon

    Loved the DSO show! So happy y’all were in driving distance from OK this year! Very impressed with Luke and his whistling! Can’t wait to see whats next!

  14. Sydney Hoffman

    The Austin show was one of the best concert experiences of my life. Fun, fun, fun!!! Every song was a highlight and the stage banter elevates the experience too!!! The only mild disappointment was the cross written in marker on my hand for readmission. As a fellow Jew, I asked for a Jewish star but was told that would not guarantee readmission. Just saying…. 🙂
    Though I must admit the cross was artfully well done!!!

  15. Having your all-time favorite band serenade you with an all-time favorite song is right up there with my life’s greatest moments (getting married, childbirth…)! Thank you! 🙂

  16. Bobby Sweeton

    The show with the dso was so awesome, and brilliant, and magical and stuff. I’m someone who has lost count of the guster shows I’ve been to cause its been quite a few, and for me, it was such a unique experience.

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  18. Please come back to Texas, I missed you! Saw you on Live at Daryl’s house and now I’m a new fan. Can’t believe you actually asked to borrow his beard trimmers, though.

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