Bloomington (Indiana)

I remember seeing this tweet from Ryan at some point on Monday…


Then I went to Google Maps and did the math  — we had a 9pm show in Bloomington Indiana that night, it was 5:30, and he was 3 hours and 45 minutes away in Bloomington Illinois.  If he’d already rented a car and hit the road he’d be okay.  Otherwise we’d have to hold the show for him.  Either way, he’s a jackass.

So as Ryan traveled via economy-sized Hyundai from one Bloomington to another, we planned his entrance for him, and executed it perfectly:

Knowing many people at the show had already seen his tweet and might be wondering if he’d make it at all, we took the stage as a trio — me, Luke, and Adam.  I explained the situation to the crowd, the airport mix up, the rental car, the fact that we hadn’t heard from him in an hour — and I pitched our solution:

We’d make the best of it and just play the blues until he got there.

Then we launched into some really generic blues, with Luke singing “The thrill is gone… the thrill is gone away….” and Adam solo-ing on acoustic guitar, in that exaggerated Adam way.  Some people laughed uncomfortably in the crowd.  Some people yelled “woo” and tried to encourage us.  But mostly people were wondering how long we would really do the blues thing, because honestly, it was unbearably bad.  There are bands that can get away with playing blues in a situation like that, but Guster is not one of them.  If we are playing the blues, it is because we are making a joke. 

And after a couple minutes of making them sweat, Ryan burst into the theater dragging a rolling bag, with his parka on, yelling “make it stop!” and then he picked up his guitar and we launched into “This Could All Be Yours” while the crowd went nuts, mainly in a “sigh-of-relief” kind of way. 


Someone took a picture of Ryan’s luggage on stage:



Thanks @alcberry.  For letting me rob your Twitter. 



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12 responses to “Bloomington (Indiana)

  1. you guys end up with great stories. i love it.

  2. Michael

    “Woke up todaaaaaay… In the wrong citaaaaaay….”

  3. Tracey Taylor

    Wish I could have been there!! Glad he made it safe and sound!

  4. Craig Burgess

    I was at the concert, and it was fantastic, including the entry. I even enjoyed the little bit of “The Thrill Is Gone,” and posted about the joke on my FB page. I swear, everyone in the world needs to see you guys in concert.

  5. Monica

    I laughed so hard at the tweet, but the story made it even funnier. Wish I could have been at that concert-in one of the Bloomington’s. And glad everything worked out okay!

  6. Julie

    Only Guster …
    I’ve been a fan since 1994 (the “early years”) and it’s shit like this that keeps me coming back for the shows. You guys are great.

  7. Melanie

    My daughter and I love your shows . . . Julie (above)
    couldn’t have said it better. We knew you would turn this mishap into something fun. GREAT SHOW!

  8. A Different Julie

    I’m in Bloomington, Illinois, and I would totally have driven Ryan to Indiana at a high rate of speed. I even live near the airport. MIssed opportunity!

  9. Melanie's kid

    My mom is right, long time fans and we love ya. Another hilarious show, I don’t think you could disappoint us if you tried.

  10. Melanie's kid

    By the way… if I remember correctly, the last time you guys played in Indiana… (or, the last time you played the lawn at White River Park) wasn’t it the REST of the band who was struggling to get there on time?

  11. Veronica

    Melaine’s Kid….yes it was Hurricane Irene that almost kept them away from White River Park. It’s like there’s something about Indiana. Thanks guys for fighting your way to us every time. Great show!!

  12. Caroline

    Thumbs up to the “how to hide a dead body” in the search bar.

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