Grand Rapids Is For Lovers

We just had a nice run of four shows to get ready for the summer, including a giant show with Dispatch in a Chicago arena where our vocals were distorting the whole night and there was nothing we could do about it because we were the opening band with no soundcheck and the problem was coming from the snake.  That’s a fancy way of saying that 8000 Dispatch fans think we sound like The Strokes.


More importantly, Friday night in Grand Rapids, a nice couple decided to get married in the second row of the crowd during “Satellite” — they brought along an officiant and everything.  If you don’t believe me, you can watch them get married on the YouTube.

Congratulations Monica and Derek.  Free sticker to whoever one-ups them and gives birth at a Guster show!





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8 responses to “Grand Rapids Is For Lovers

  1. You guys stole the show in Chicago! Such a good set list.

  2. Caroline

    I came for Guster and my friend came for Dispatch. My friend said she’s going to listen to Guster more, and I probably will listen to Dispatch the same amount I already do.
    So you won over at least 1 new Guster fan!

  3. Glad you guys at least pulled through in Chicago! I have seen you guys across the country starting back before and at woodstock 99. Also a dispatch fan but you guys outshined them even with the noise issues! keep doing what you do. we will follow! And sorry. i am getting married in disney world this year. She wouldnt agree to the guster show haha.

  4. Chloe C.

    Your set with Dispatch was awesome! I’ve seen you guys in many places and the sound was only a bit wonky but the set made up for it, love love love what you guys picked. I know it would take a magic wand to get you guys there for the 2nd concert but that would be amazing! My friends and I bought the ticket for you guys, though Dispatch is awesome, we like you more. Also congrats to the couple, sounds like my ideal wedding as well!

  5. Bet fenwick

    Wish you would come back to the State Theater in Portland, Maine. Tickets in Bangor sold out, will miss seeing you this summer!

  6. I thought the sound was fine in Chicago. Dispatch sounded worse and don’t understand why they draw more people than Guster. You guys were awesome.

  7. JB

    I thought it was the UIC Pavillion’s sound until Dispatch came on. I figured it was a basketball arena and that’s the way the sound would be in a big barn. Was surprised when Dispatch took the stage how much better the sound was without the distortion. Kind of sad since you were the ones we paid to see. You guys sounded great anyway since your music shines through.

  8. Jason

    Hey guys it was great getting to hang out with all you guys at Founders. How did you like their beer? Love you guys

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