The year was 1974.


The year was 1974.  Ryan Miller was wearing the same shirt and pants he’d worn the night before at the Greek Theater.

One of those statements is true, anyway.  Thanks to Charlene and April, our fearless string section (that you might recognize from our acoustic tour), for filling in and adding another dimension to our radio interview on KCSN in Los Angeles Monday morning.  Adam and I had already left on jet planes hours earlier.  Seemed like a fun studio gig, but it’s better here on the east coast, where I get to change diapers in 95 degree heat.

Southern California (specifically, the crowds in Santa Barbara and LA) embraced us like never before the last couple of days.  Apparently they were just waiting for us to turn 40 before they decided it was okay to shower us with affection.  Also, because the local string ladies joined us on stage at the Greek, Ryan called us “an LA band” which should be obvious to anyone who saw this Larj post of mine.

And as long as we’re going with a retro theme in the post, here’s an actual vintage Thundergod pic from 1998 that just popped up on my Facebook page.  This is one tag I’m not going to remove.  Enjoy!  I’m holding orange juice!


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June 27, 2013 · 5:41 am

One response to “The year was 1974.

  1. Carolyn

    I’m a So Cal fan for many years. Met with you backstage at the Pacific Amphitheater in ’07 (thank you for being so gracious and signing my DVD) and again last Saturday in Santa Barbara. You left us wanting more!! Thank you for a great show, hope you come back soon.

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