Sailing the Seas of Cheese

Last night in Charleston SC, Ryan told the story of how members of Guster joined members of BNL on a boat that day, singing along to a mix of yacht rock favorites and enjoying the view of the city from the bay.  Luke refused to let another guy lube up his back with sunblock, leaving a “homophobic patch” of sunburnt pink skin in the middle of his back, where he couldn’t reach, despite bending his elbows and stretching his fingers in an attempt to cover his entire back on his own.  Or as Ryan said to the Bible Belt Area Crowd — “in an attempt to cover his entire back without the touch of another man“…


Thanks Luke, for being a good sport and showing us your homophobic patch of sunburn, even though you say Ryan has the story totally wrong — but we’re actually not interested in your version of the story.  Enjoy this inter-coastal yacht rock video of their day on the seas:

You can’t see Luke’s backside to know that he’s slowly growing a pink homophobic patch as they Ride Like The Wind, but it’s happening.

Conspicuously absent from this voyage was yours truly, the 40-something Thundergod, who has been all SARS’d up since his birthday.  They did post a pic of my backside on the BNL twitter though.

And since I began this road journal earlier in the day, we played “Either Way” in Raleigh with Ryan and Ed Robertson from BNL holding hands while singing it.  Full circle.  If anyone has a picture of that, send it to me and I will post it here.

UPDATE:  Thanks for the pic, Maia!



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5 responses to “Sailing the Seas of Cheese

  1. Heather Phelps

    Doesn’t he know they have rub free spray sunscreen? LOL

  2. jon

    Obviously the pain of a sunburn is worse than a cuddle from another man. He should relax a bit…. hehehehe

  3. Mike

    I retort: he spent the entire day shirtless on a boat full of men… who were wearing shirts in that video.. PLOT TWIST!

  4. Jess

    Nice Primus reference.

  5. I think this calls for a Luke rebuttal post!

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