One Night in Koreatown

The following post is about a night with fans who “Pledged” support and joined me for a night of karaoke in NYC.  It is not really from “the road” but it involves me puking and so it’s posted here.

photo 2

Karaoke Night had two generous takers:  Brandi and Hadley.  But Hadley didn’t show up on time and it seemed for a minute that Brandi and I were bound for an unbelievably awkward one-on-one karaoke date together.  Fortunately my wingman Dave Schneider from The Zambonis showed up, as did Hadley and Hadley’s-freeloading-friend-Clara.  If you are ever going to host your own fundraising karaoke event the first thing you should do is call Dave Zamboni and make sure he’s available.

We started with tequila shots.

You learn pretty early on in a small private karaoke room that you can’t get away slipping a tiny fart out here or there.  Busted.  Beers were consumed rather quickly.  We need another round.

The song book had one Guster tune in it, One Man Wrecking Machine, so we started off with a big singalong while the stock video showed a Korean woman in a dress walking through a garden.  Lazy videography if you ask me, but a great icebreaker for our motley crew, and 8 years later OMWM still hits me as a great song.  We all agree to close the night with another One Man Wrecking Machine, kind of like when Willie Nelson opens and closes a live show with Whiskey River.  More shots.

This is where I stop remembering things clearly.  At one point we were all standing up singing a Jay Z song that I’d never heard before but that didn’t stop me from singing it at the top of my lungs.  Here’s a picture:

Karaoke Group 1

Also, you know you’re drunk when a Journey lyric about clowns hits you, emotionally, for the first (and last) time ever.  Here’s a picture:

photo 3

Best part of the night?  Dave insisted on playing two new Guster songs for Brandi and Hadley.  I was vehemently opposed to the idea, which seemed like a buzzkill in the context of searching for “Take On Me” alphabetically by artist name.  But they persevered and shared a set of earbuds to listen to “Doin’ It By Myself” and “Never Coming Down” together while I watched their reactions like a hawk and slipped out tiny farts.  Like the classy people they were, they were effusive about the tunes and it made me so damn happy.  Great idea, Dave!  Hadley’s-freeloading-friend-Clara doesn’t get to listen because she’s freeloading for the evening.

I was also impressed that everyone in the room could shout out “Debaser” by The Pixies with as much passion as we had when I put on “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus.  We are a versatile group.  More beers, One Man Wrecking Machine, and it was time to go to The Greatest Korean Restaurant in New York City.  It’s called Pocha 32, you can google it.  Order the #39 and order the squid stuffed with pork belly.  Don’t order the giant watermelon that tastes like kool aid but is actually full of demon alcohol.


I must have taken a cab home.  I had to move my son’s little toy boat out of the bathroom sink so I could puke in it.  Eleven times.

Pledge Money Raised:  $ + 600
Karaoke Bill (Including Alcohol):  $ – 400
Restaurant Bill:  $ – 225
Hadley’s-Freeloading-Friend-Clara’s Contribution:  $0
Money Raised to Promote the New Guster Album:  $ – 25.00

(An Epic Evening of Karaoke with New Friends:  Priceless)


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5 responses to “One Night in Koreatown

  1. adelelaurie

    This is the very best thing.

  2. Ang

    What you won’t do in support of your band . . .

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  4. Mel

    Oh good heavens. Had I known there was a karaoke night with Brian on the table, I would have pledged a large amount of money (with my husband’s permission of course….or maybe without!). Karaoke + Guster would be a dream come true…..

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