Those of you who keep up with us by regularly searching for “Guster” on The Twitter (Ryan Miller, I am looking at you) — you might have noticed that we were not quite “on tour” but definitely doing something on the West Coast last week.  It was a “promotional tour.”  This means we played a lot of 4-song sets, usually around noon, in office buildings for the folks we needed to make aware of our upcoming album.  There was a very nude video shoot for Simple Machine in the mix (stay tuned) (OMG stay tuned), a show at the distinguished LA Grammy Museum, and an impromptu show behind a gas station dumpster in Oregon that only six people came to:

We gave the longitudinal coordinates of the dumpster out via Twitter about a half hour before played, geocache-style.  Don’t worry, even though you didn’t attend our first ever #dumpster-set, we plan to do more of them.  We had a great time.

So I’ll leave you with a nice Between Two Ferns-esque photo of our band with a black curtain behind us, playing to Amazon employees in Seattle, the city they own.  Everyone was super cool to us, many people turned out to be ex Guster reps, and lots of people saw us at their college spring fling about ten years ago.

The gentleman with the beard and sweater vest performing the glockenspiel in the photo is a member of the audience.  The little pink legs behind him belong to his daughter as she weeps quietly to herself, waiting for Satellite to be over.



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7 responses to “#dumpster-set

  1. You guys played the dumpster 1 week after I was there for a conference! I would have gone and hauled everyone I could find with me. 6 people?! C’mon, Portland.

  2. man… i wish I had a dumpster performance to attend in MY state! Oregon is one lucky duck!

  3. Seth

    My corporate overlords at Amazon didn’t invite me to your set in Seattle®!

  4. Ben

    If you come play a dumpster show in my area, you just might get to play for a bear. Do it!

  5. sam mccraw

    I’ve loved your band since high school when goldfly came out, still one of my favorite bands but i haven’t heard a lot of your new stuff… my apologies but if i had a college spring fling it would have been about 12 years ago… And to you guy’s credit one of the last cds i bought was yours, the one with careful on it. I know I’m a bit behind, but my ex girlfriend mostly switched me to country. But she’s gone now so i gotta catch up. By the way i think my favorite song of yours is parachute. Good stuff!

  6. We’ve missed you boys. Can’t wait to see you in 2015 – dumpster or no dumpster.

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