Album Release Week In Review

I still love you, road journal.  I will always love you, road journal.  But there’s someone named Instagram in my life right now and she’s new, exciting, has lots of cool filters, and asks less characters of me.  Don’t say a word.  Shhhhh, this is me putting my finger up to your lips, road journal.  Don’t speak.
I am not giving up.  There’s a time for rhetorical explication in rock (as it is said) and let’s be honest, captioning is fun, easy, and instant… but can only convey so much.
So here’s my little recap of our album release week, and then I’m temporarily giving the reins of the road journal to an old fan / friend named Kainoa who will be traveling from Anaheim to Salt Lake City, giving y’all the inside scoop while I explore this Instagram thing a little deeper.  I’ll be back here at the helm after that, but I suspect you all will find Kainoa’s wit, charm, and historical Guster knowledge so appealing you’ll be begging for him to stay.  He can’t.
BROOKLYN:   We played the back room of a record store, and I drove my minivan to the show, which was nice.  A lot of debuts.  Everything worked except Simple Machine, which we attempted to play only on keytars and triggered hand drums.  For now we’re going back to the live version with acoustic guitar and drum kit, which kind of rips.  The early free set in the round was fun too, and Tom Swafford, our Tufts friend who wrote and played the solo on “Window” back in 1994 when we were juniors, joined us for that throwback.
Don’t know that we’d still be a band without that one violin solo.  Anyway, he’s got a new project in the works called String Power trying to raise funds to record, I just put in $50 and here’s the Indiegogo link if you want to help him reach his goal.

BOSTON:  It was Guster Day, so we busked in the wet 20 degree muck, and they cropped Ryan out of the photo on the front page of the Globe from our Greenovate Boston gig together… globe Whoever had the idea of bringing a XXL sweatshirt for Mayor Marty Walsh is brilliant and whoever started a “Put. It. On! Put. It. On!” chant is genius oh wait that was me.  We got to know Keytar Bear pretty well that day too.  Nice kid.  Smelly bear suit.

PHILADELPHIA:  Awesome day, we played a live show to a spirited lunch crowd at World Cafe, then David Dye told us we hit Evermotion “out of the park” and then we ate hoagies at Paesano’s, which is something you all should do.  While walking around the market in the Queen Village part of Philadelphia, I did an interview with a woman writing for a Las Vegas publication to promote our upcoming Vegas show.  She started the interview by saying “I noticed on your road journal from August of 2004 you called Las Vegas “your least favorite place on Earth” — doht — I didn’t hold back.  Vegas will never recover.  Revisit that road journal if you will, it’s one of my finest from the KIT era and Jenna Jameson is involved.
PHOENIX:  Not one person came out to see us at our two hour layover at the Phoenix Airport.  This is why we don’t play AZ.
Bonus pic!  Here we are playing next to the trash area behind Twin Donuts in Allston:

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