POST-ANAHEIM/PRE-SAN DIEGO – 1.21.15 – kainoa

Gustericans! Gustifarians! Gusteroids! Gus… I… I got… nothing. Nothing else. I’m no Maron.

Hello from the West Coast stretch of Guster Tour 2015.

It’s Kainoa here; the weirdo that introduced himself Monday, and is going to be hopping on top of Brian’s beautiful Road Journal for four shows.

So. Your intrepid guest road journalist had wanted to arrive in Anaheim a lot sooner than he did but for reasons like traffic, traffic, and also traffic, he ended up in the car for seven hours on his way to this; his first show of his stint, and didn’t have time to do much before the show except shower (and poorly at that). And now he would like to stop writing in third person.

[Sidenote: Are you following the band on Instagram? Brian and I are going to be posting selected shots for the next few days, and then it will be all his again. Go. Go now. Follow Guster on Instagram. Thank you.]

Let’s talk about the show last night.

First. Kishi Bashi. If you are planning on showing up to the show late. You are doing everything wrong. You need to see Kishi Bashi. He destroyed Anaheim. Really. Here is a not good picture:

Kishi Bashi 1.20.15

Get yourself to the show in time to see Kishi Bashi. I’d listened to his music before, but had never had the chance to see him live until last night, and it was awesome. He’s doing something truly special.

The setlist:

Setlist 1.20.15

Old stuff. New stuff. All GOOD stuff. The band sounds incredible and you are DOING YOURSELF A DISSERVICE if you skip out on the chance to see them on this tour.

Also. Ryan held the microphone like Bono for a little bit:

No Mic Stand 1.20.15

Tonight the band plays San Diego. If you’re in San Diego or anywhere in the county, and not planning on it already, you really should get yourself to the House of Blues tonight for the the second California show of the Evermotion Tour. Got kids? Get a baby-sitter. Don’t have anyone to go with? Call up your friend Sharon and make her come with you. Or come alone, that’s fine too.

At this point I am realizing that I am sounding like a big advertisement. Well… I don’t know what to say about that. Should I say something not nice? How about this: Brian had a stain on his pants tonight. I didn’t say anything to him, but I feel like we both knew what was going on, and chose to be better people and not acknowledge it.

(Did that make me sound less partial? No? Fine. I can live with that.)

Keep your eyes on the Instagram feed. I may have a fun (see: dumb) contest for those attending the show tonight, if I can get the band on board.

Time to hit the road. Anaheim is a strange place.

Stay tuned, and thanks for coming by.

(And since it might need to be said… My name is Kainoa. It’s pronounced “kai-noah,” but “quinoa” is normally what people think of at first… stupid super-grain… maybe let’s become better friends before you call me that? But I’ll probably respond if you say it that way…)


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2 responses to “POST-ANAHEIM/PRE-SAN DIEGO – 1.21.15 – kainoa

  1. Dear Kainoa,

    What an amazing Road Journal. Thanks for filling in for BRoz aka Thundergod. Just curious, are you ending your road tour trip in Salt Lake City, UT? I am flying down from Boston and taking my mom’s suburban from Houston to Austin to Dallas to NOLA for 4 Guster shows in 2 states. What is the chance that Guster is looking for a second “greatest fan” guest bloggers for the second mini leg of the tour? I have my own blog you know – I blog things…

    If you talk to the guys or the management team and they say yes, I’ll owe you one hundred butterflies.


  2. Maggie

    I was so glad they had this show streaming online because it was really great. Even if I couldn’t see it live, so glad I got to see it at all!

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