POST-SAN DIEGO/PRE-LAS VEGAS – 1.22.15 – kainoa

Wednesday night’s show was at the House of Blues in San Diego.

The streets surrounding the House of Blues San Diego smell of urine. The House of Blues San Diego itself smells of popcorn and beer.

I didn’t manage to get any pictures that are particularly interesting, but head over to Instagram and do a search for @guster, and you’ll find plenty of tagged photos of the show taken from all over the venue.

So, instead of images, I am going to offer you super-exciting statistics.

Number of songs played (by album):

Parachute: 0
Goldfly: 0
Lost & Gone Forever: 3
Keep It Together: 3
Ganging Up On The Sun: 2
Easy Wonderful: 5
Evermotion: 9
Total number of songs: 22

Number of improvised songs not included above: 1 (Special Tuesday Night/So Fuckin’ Stoned)
Number of songs on which Kishi Bashi guested: 2 (Kid Dreams & Satellite)
Number of songs played live for the first time: 1 (Never Coming Down)
Number of songs on which Brian played a trombone: 1 (Never Coming Down)
Number of guys drinking PBR tall-boys that kept shouting for “Ruby Falls”: 1

(PBR guy didn’t get his request, but he DID get a guitar pick from the band, so it’s all good.)

The band is playing its third House of Blues show in Las Vegas tonight. You should probably come. And you should gamble for a few hours before and after because we all need to do our fair share to keep the casinos in business.

On a personal/historical note, tonight’s (1.22.15) Vegas show marks fifteen years TO THE DAY, since I was at another show. Another GUSTER show. This show:

15 Years

It wasn’t my first Guster concert, but it was memorable for a few reasons. I had broken my left wrist snowboarding and had a cast. Also, it marked the last night on tour for Brian’s former drum tech, James Ragsdale. He (James) celebrated the occasion by joining the band for a song*. He sang a ROUSING cover of Quiet Riot’s classic, “Cum on Feel the Noize.” To celebrate the anniversary of THAT show, I am going to go to another. But only after I take a bath in the casinos, and then take a bath in my hotel room which, depending on my losses downstairs, may involve some gentle weeping.

It’s a(nother) long drive to there from here, and I need to get going. See you in Vegas?

*If you’d like to hear James’ guest spot with Guster, it can be found here:


The following picture is a REAL screencap from Guster’s website in the year 2000:



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3 responses to “POST-SAN DIEGO/PRE-LAS VEGAS – 1.22.15 – kainoa

  1. John

    Kainoa, I love what you’re doing here. I’m quite jealous, I might add. I do have to call shenanigans on one of your statistics though. Or at least add a caveat. I think the first time “Never Coming Down” was played live was actually at Camp Guster this past September. Sorry to be a troll.

  2. Brian of the Rosenworcels

    (Kainoa here:) John. That’s a fair point. Ryan introduced it by saying it was a debut, and the first time they had played it live. It’s very possible he meant first time on a STAGE, and maybe the first time in its finished form… But I recognize your call of shenanigans. Thanks for reading.

  3. Jonathan

    Anaheim was wonderful. I was sure you would open with Long Night but you blew me away by playing Careful next. It has been sorely missed from recent shows.

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