Yesterday started with a drive from San Diego, on which I almost crashed into a TUMBLEWEED the size of a hippo that came across my lane about three seconds before I passed through at a speed that was probably (definitely) over the speed limit.

It was huge, dusty, dried-out bush the size of a Fiat, and it rolled with authority and a complete disregard for those that might be barreling down on it while listening to R&B jams from the ’70s.

Arriving in Las Vegas in a car during the day doesn’t have quite the oomph that landing in a plane at night, or even coming over the pass and seeing the lights slowly reveal themselves does. It’s just kind of… blah. But Vegas is Vegas, and shortly after checking in to my hotel, I made my way to the casino, where I quickly won a little money on a slot machine.

Not content with the possibility of leaving the casino with a few extra dollars in my pocket, I met up with Brian at a blackjack table, and in less than an hour had lost my winnings, and then some more. Then I came back up! But then I lost that. I ended up just south of even, but not too south. A short bus-ride south of even.

The show. The House of Blues Las Vegas is located inside the Mandalay Bay, just yards from where I won at the slots, and lost at the table.

A shot from soundcheck:


A shot from the soundboard during the show:

Soundboard 1.22.15

A shot of the men’s room sinks:

Soap 1.22.15

Highlights of tonight’s show (for me) were:

– “Endlessly,” which has evolved every night over the past three, and each time has sounded incredible. It’s been a lot of fun to see the band tweak it in subtle ways each day. It’s one of my favorites off the album, and I am certainly not tiring of it.

– “Ruby Falls,” which was stunning. I knew it was coming, but it still knocked me out.

– My two favorite songs from Keep It Together that are named after women. “Diane” and “Ramona.” They sounded as good as ever.

– A voicemail from Uncle Skipper.

Tonight’s show in Salt Lake City is the last of this stretch, and my final night with the band on this little mini-tour of mine. My best friend and my brother will be joining me, and it’s going to be a nice way to end my time with Guster. I’ll have one more recap for you tomorrow, and then I’m handing it all back to Brian.

Time to get in the car. Come on out to The Depot in Salt Lake City if you can. Apparently, the band is playing Goldfly from start to finish*.

Your friend in Guster,

*The band is DEFINITELY not playing Goldfly from start to finish. Ever. But you should still come.


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2 responses to “LAS VEGAS RECAP/SALT LAKE CITY PRECAP – 1.23.15 – kainoa

  1. I’m okay with them not playing Goldfly start to finish, even though I love that album. BUT, can we convince them to play Parachute for me when they come to Raleigh, NC?!?!?! Maybe with your help 😉 🙂

  2. Hi Kainoa, Thanks for the fun recaps. Just curious, any chance Brian is going to recap Denver, the first show on the tour, when he comes back? It was an awesome show, and since I was there I guess I don’t really NEED to read about it, but I kinda want to anyway. Also curious how their Pot Jam went… Thanks! Amy

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