SALT LAKE CITY RECAP – 1.24.15 – kainoa

We made it to Utah.

Last night’s show at The Depot was the band’s fifth of the Evermotion tour, and my fourth and final show with them.

The room was packed, and full of fans last night which is always a pleasant surprise when you’re thinking a place might not exactly be a hub of Guster fans. Apparently Utah IS.

A few photos for you all.

The setlist (which as pictured, does NOT include the SECOND encore of One Man Wrecking Machine, and Jesus on the Radio):

Setlist 1.23.15

(The building’s fire alarm went off during the outro of Ruby Falls, but the band played through the announcement and the alarm was shut off after about a minute. To be honest, I’m not sure they even noticed.)

Brian from behind the curtain:

Brian 1.23.15

Adam on trumpet:

Adam 1.23.15


The view from the balcony:

Balcony 1.23.15


I didn’t get any pictures of my friend Pat falling out of a rickshaw on our way back to the hotel from the venue, but trust me, it was INCREDIBLE.

Again, it was a pleasure and a privilege to see the new songs evolve and change over a very short period of time. Everything is only getting better. And the crowds have been supportive and impressed by the new music. Ryan described the new album as a grower, and that seems to be true. But the fans are definitely onboard with it.

As I’ve said before, the band is performing really well right now, and the setlists have been really well crafted. For most of you, there will be a concert near you at some point in the next few months, and it’s really worth your time to get out and see the band in this era. You won’t be disappointed. Promise.

I want to give a quick thanks to Josh, the Tour Manager for helping to facilitate my getting in to all the shows I went to, giving me the access, and being really nice and accommodating in general. Thank you Josh.

Brian, thanks for letting me get all up in your Road Journal and on Instagram. I had a blast and I can’t imagine another band that would let and old fan/friend do what you let me do. Thank you Brian.

To the rest of the band. Thanks for letting me all around you and take pictures and for being supportive of this little project.

To the crew. You’re doing a hell of a job and executing a show on a level that if I didn’t know better, would think was the work of at least twice as many people. The lights, the sound, the merch booth, and the techs are killing it. Good job, and thanks for letting me get in your way a few times.

Thanks to any of you that read this, and bigger thanks to those of you that read this AND enjoyed it. There are many more photos I want to share, and maybe we’ll figure out a good way to get some of them out to you in the coming days/weeks.

It was a lot of driving and with not a lot of sleep, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Go see Guster play the next show near you on this tour. Do it.

That’s all for me. I’m handing the reigns back to the Thundergod.

Starting… NOW.



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3 responses to “SALT LAKE CITY RECAP – 1.24.15 – kainoa

  1. Great job, Kainoa! Enjoyed your recaps, pics and inside scoop. Thanks for sharing!! Guess we will have to put up with bri neglecting the road journal, again, now that he is infatuated with the ‘other woman’ Instagram.

  2. Natalie Thorpe

    Great show guys! My husband and I were so glad you chose a new venue for the show. We’ve been to all your shows since we moved to SLC five years ago.
    My husband, then boyfriend, introduced me to your music when we started dating (12 years ago). He gave me your album Lost and gone forever for my first birthday with him. I fell in love with him and YOU. Favorite band ever!

    Kainoa your talent was mind blowing! I love seeing violins/viola/cellos used in less traditional performances. I can’t wait to share your music with my 7 y.o. who started playing the violin.

  3. Maggie

    Enjoyed your blogs! Thanks for sharing! (Also enjoying the Instagram account!)

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