Lost in Translation

A quick scroll through the Twitterverse and I’ve noticed that Guster tweets are popping up in strange languages.  Guster:  Videoklippet!  Needless to say, this is pretty exciting for a band that’s been around the USA a few times while traveling overseas like, never. I think there are some German reviews in there, some Italian and Dutch ones too — but it’s not important because I have Google Translate, and I can just zap the reviews into coherent perfectly understandable English.  For example:

Evermotion: Ottanta Colpi di Fulmine

This translates to “Evermotion:  Eighty Shots Lightning” and the review goes on to say… Let it be clear to everyone: we are talking about a group of alt rock or the edge alt pop but still a group outside the box of ‘mainstream easy, so do not expect rubbing or ballets fucking.
Let it also be clear to everyone that this next German review from Musik Express is really positive. Or maybe it’s not.  What does it mean that we’re “not as irrelevant” as Maroon 5?  Because those guys just roll along in convertibles showing up at weddings, giving “sugar” to whichever maids of honor they please, and in our country that’s the very definition of relevance.  
Meanwhile, what the hell is going on in this picture?
Is that our very own Adam Gardner, blizzard-locked in Utah for a week, hanging out with the guitar player from Bon Jovi, a dude from the Sopranos, and John Popper?  What the… and I took a red eye home so I could shovel snow and change diapers!?
Come see us in Europe in March!  Eighty shots of lightning!
3/3 – Manchester UK – Deaf Institute
3/5 – London UK – Bush Hall
3/5 – Paris, FR @ L’International – (Free) | Info
3/6 – Brussels, BE @ Witlobar at Botanique – Tix | Info
3/8 – Rotterdam, NL @ Rotown – Tix | Info
3/9 – Hamburg, DE @ Prinzenbar – Tix | Info
3/10 – Berlin, DE @ Privatclub – Tix | Info
3/12 – Cologne, DE @ Blue Shell – Tix | Info
3/13 – Frankfurt, DE @ Nachteben – Tix | Info
3/14 – Munich, DE @ Orangehouse – Tix | Info
3/14 – Vienna, AT @ Chelsea – Tix | Info
3/16 – Zurich, CH @ Kinski – Tix | Info

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