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Mardi Gras and a fan named “Tucker”

While watching a parade barrel down St Charles Avenue in New Orleans during Mardi Gras the other day, a fan approached Ryan and myself and informed us that their friend Tucker was marching in the parade as a part of a group called the Bomb Squad, and she’d love to have us surprise him with a high five along the way.

So we obliged.  The moment was photographed and I just figured out how to create little speech bubbles in Photoshop.  You just use the elliptical marquee tool and the polygonal lasso.  Duh.  So here’s your first ever comic strip road journal.







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HOUSTON (we have a problem)

Okay I know we’ve had some problems in the past, Houston TX but now all is forgiven.  A fan who works at NASA’s Johnson Space Center offered us a VIP tour of the facility this morning, and we took full advantage.  Here are the top 5 things I learned about NASA today:


1.  Being in space is a lot like being on a tour bus.  You sleep in these little coffin-sized spaces, you Instagram pics of yourself and then everyone thinks your life is awesome, there’s nowhere for your pee and poo to go when you flush, and if you get sick of someone else traveling with you TOO BAD they’re about a foot and a half away from you, and they know what you’re thinking.

2.  NASA wants you to know they are still there, and it is the job of rock n roll bands like ours to spread the word.  Ever since the Space Shuttle was k’bosh’d in 2011 people think they fell off the map when really they go to Mars ‘n shit.  We go to Dallas on Friday.

3.  Luke asks the hard-hitting questions:

4.  Beginning in 1998, they’ve assembled their International Space Station piece by piece WHILE IN SPACE, Gravity style.   Think about that.  It’s hard to do that.  You gotta dock your Russian Soyuz rocketship first.

5.  The “water reclamation” system used in space means you kind of drink your pee.  They didn’t outright say it, but I was picking up what they were putting down.

Here are some bonus pics.  The first one is of the crazy ‘bots that roam on the planets.  The second one is Luke, standing in the actual control center where they landed a guy on the moon in 1969.  It looks like a room from the 60’s because it is one.  I had a sip from the water fountain and the tour guide lady said DON’T DRINK THAT WATER!




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