We knew the Paris show was going to be weird — there were no promoters out here who’d heard of us and the only gig we could get was in a strange basement as part of a “Club Nite L’International” where we were allowed a 40 minute set in a filthy dungeon that is strewn with dead bodies and American Apparel advertising location scouts.

Here’s a 360 of the room we’re playing.  It holds maybe 100 people and it’s free, so I am hoping we can fill it French people who are curious about Guster Le Gustere, or at least people who will tolerate us while they wait for the DJ to start.

There was a guy named Mario who was helping us sort out the audio situation during soundcheck, and some other guy wearing a scarf who just sat in the corner.  A couple of times I asked the scarf-guy what the internet password was, and he just smiled at me and wore his scarf.  Typical presumptuous American, I operate as if all French people will just speak English.  My bad.

But right before soundcheck, the scarf-guy comes up to me and introduces himself in a thick accent.  His name is Luciano.  He is from Argentina.  He is studying in the south of France and took a bus for 6 hours to Paris to catch our set tonight.  He has been waiting his entire life to see a Guster show.  It is kind of amazing.

A bit self conscious that he’s only getting a 40 minute Guster show in an anti-climactic sex dungeon tonight, I tell Ryan to ask him for a request as we begin sound checking.  Ryan gives me the what if he requests a song we don’t want to play like Demons look.  But I stay strong.  Luciano is psyched.  He requests Satellite, but pronounces is “La Satellita” or something.  We assure him that one’s in the set list, and so he goes — “Track 11… Long Way?” — and we realize he’s reached deep into the archives for a Golden Oldie off Keep It Together that we’re just too happy to indulge.  The keyboards haven’t been set up yet, and I don’t have my percussion kit for it, but we strap on and it feels magical.  We go the distance and Luciano is beside himself.  We decide it will be one of the 9 songs in the set list tonight.


Here’s Luciano on stage with us during soundcheck.  There aren’t a lot of people in Europe who know our band, but the show means a lot to those who are there, and so we’re playing with a lot of heart/balls so far.

After soundcheck Adam and Luciano went to check out the Eiffel Tower together.


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12 responses to “Dirty-Oh-So-Dirty

  1. Very sweet! Hope those Europeans are treating you well, boys.

  2. Jeff Wright

    They can’t all be Radio City but that place looks like a merdehole.

  3. Geri

    I got Goosebumps reading about “scarf guy” you guys are the best. The Parisians will love you!

  4. that is so sweet. so glad you could make luciano happy. viva le Gustere!

  5. Paloma

    I m european and I love your band. I love your music and yeah! I love that Luciano. Long live Guster!

  6. Hilarious, with a spoonful of good feels thrown in. I’d love to be a (french) fly on the wall at this show… the situation just seems ripe for some bizarre happenings. Vive Le Gustere!

  7. Maggie

    Aw! That is really sweet! Glad you were so nice to him and that he came all that way to see you! 🙂 Have fun in Paris! I see Ryan’s new sheep jacket made it on stage too!

  8. Kirk Lazarus

    He looks like a member of the band. Like Brian and Adam fused into a European wearing skinny jeans. I think he should at least go on tour for the rest of Europe…if not longer.

  9. Christelle

    Few french were there last night. You do have some french fans! My best friend (who filmed all the set with his gopro) and I, we’ve been dreaming of that moment for 10 years and really really hope you won’t wait that long to come back! It was short but just so amazing. A dream came true so Ryan saying at the begining of the set “It’s really happening!” was really meaning something for us! Thx again!!!

  10. Marine & Stian

    Looking forward to seeing you tonight in Brussels! We’re longtime fans (French-American and Norwegian expats living in Bxl)!

  11. Leigh light

    be careful when using the term “strap on” when I. A sex dungeon. 🙂

  12. “an anti-climactic sex dungeon” That has to be the WORST kind of sex dungeon. A sex dungeon without a true sense of purpose, if you will. 🙂

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