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Pot Luck 2015

It was an epic weekend in Portchester NY with three distinct Guster shows. We’re not Phish, but we have seven albums, and it felt good to flex our discography.  Over the course of two days, we played 57 different songs (54 Guster songs and 3 covers).  In no particular order:

  • ramona
  • architects and engineers
  • barrel of a gun
  • nothing but flowers (talking heads)
  • expectation
  • hercules
  • what you call love
  • amsterdam
  • lightning rod
  • gangway
  • lazy love
  • center of attention
  • parachute
  • ruby falls
  • homecoming king
  • that’s no way to get to heaven
  • doin’ it by myself
  • fa fa
  • long night
  • hang on
  • airport song
  • careless whipser (wham)
  • keep it together
  • either way
  • backyard
  • rise and shine
  • stay with me jesus
  • careful
  • x ray eyes
  • mona lisa
  • all the way up to heaven
  • two at a time
  • diane
  • captain
  • happier
  • endlessly
  • on the ocean
  • happy frappy
  • i spy
  • satellite
  • come downstairs and say hello
  • do you love me
  • never coming down
  • dear valentine
  • red oyster cult
  • kid dreams
  • manifest destiny
  • simple machine
  • rocketship
  • one man wrecking machine
  • this could all be yours
  • earned it (the weeknd)
  • two points for honesty
  • bad bad world
  • demons
  • jesus on the radio
  • bury me

Did I forget anything?  Granted, two of these songs (All the Way up to Heaven, Two at a Time) only got played because of Request Wiffle Ball — but we dug deep.  It felt good.  If we do this Pot Luck thing again next Thanksgiving, you should come.



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Northampton Nonsense

Dustin’ off the old road journal today!  A couple incidents from the Northampton show last week that are worth mentioning.  First, a guy named Greg hit me up on Facebook with a strange request:


Now let’s take a closer look at this exchange.  In July, Greg Bell wrote me requesting that we play Dear Valentine at our free Boston Common show.  Greg received no reply.  Months later, the day before our Northampton show at the Calvin Theater, spirit unbroken, Greg tries again — this time with the more reasonable request that I strap a camera to my face during a song.  This request was granted, mid-show, and left a dent on my forehead that lasted a day and a half.  Greg might have had the percussion kit in mind for the video, but he got a pretty sweet Homecoming King in our home state of Massachusetts.  Check it out:

Later that same night, we read a Facebook message I got from James Brown asking us to surprise his 63-year old mother Bev with a vocal appearance on stage.  So we did that too.  Bev was shocked and thrilled and had a lovely voice and terrible microphone technique.  She called Ryan a “doll” as she left the stage to thunderous applause.


Update:  Today in Athens Georgia, 16 gourmet cupcakes arrived in the dressing room along with a thank you note from Bev.  James, her mensch of a son who planned the whole gag warned me about the delivery:  “Hi Brian!  My mom wanted to send you guys some desserts on the road to thank you for having her sing with you guys and since hell hath no fury like a Mom trying to thank people with baked goods, Gigi’s Cupcakes will be delivering 16 cupcakes to the Georgia Theater today for you guys and the crew.”



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