Northampton Nonsense

Dustin’ off the old road journal today!  A couple incidents from the Northampton show last week that are worth mentioning.  First, a guy named Greg hit me up on Facebook with a strange request:


Now let’s take a closer look at this exchange.  In July, Greg Bell wrote me requesting that we play Dear Valentine at our free Boston Common show.  Greg received no reply.  Months later, the day before our Northampton show at the Calvin Theater, spirit unbroken, Greg tries again — this time with the more reasonable request that I strap a camera to my face during a song.  This request was granted, mid-show, and left a dent on my forehead that lasted a day and a half.  Greg might have had the percussion kit in mind for the video, but he got a pretty sweet Homecoming King in our home state of Massachusetts.  Check it out:

Later that same night, we read a Facebook message I got from James Brown asking us to surprise his 63-year old mother Bev with a vocal appearance on stage.  So we did that too.  Bev was shocked and thrilled and had a lovely voice and terrible microphone technique.  She called Ryan a “doll” as she left the stage to thunderous applause.


Update:  Today in Athens Georgia, 16 gourmet cupcakes arrived in the dressing room along with a thank you note from Bev.  James, her mensch of a son who planned the whole gag warned me about the delivery:  “Hi Brian!  My mom wanted to send you guys some desserts on the road to thank you for having her sing with you guys and since hell hath no fury like a Mom trying to thank people with baked goods, Gigi’s Cupcakes will be delivering 16 cupcakes to the Georgia Theater today for you guys and the crew.”



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3 responses to “Northampton Nonsense

  1. That video was phenomenal. What a great idea!
    I’d LOVE to see GoPro footage of CDASH, though I’d worry the camera might fly off.

  2. jaksef

    Gestures and charades! Damn my shyness and insistence on standing behind the tiny girl in front of me. I didn’t realize the aggressive pointing on every downbeat from the girl slightly to my right in Asheville would be so welcomed because… you know… aggression. But I suppose the lights are blinding.
    Every show (we’ve been to three in the last year) has been well worth the travel (wtf, come to Raleigh again). Next time I will ensure I thrash in front of your tour bus just for the high five I have desperately wanted since listening to the Keep It Together album (exposed to this bad boy first) and/or a reply to my fiance’s email if you’re germophobes or whatever. But since you play drums in the nude, I’m gonna just go out on a limb and assume you’re cool with high fives with strangers.
    In other and more relevant news: That video is phenomenal! Hell yes, Greg! Brian, your work is always epic and that was a sweet signoff 🙂

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