Pot Luck 2015

It was an epic weekend in Portchester NY with three distinct Guster shows. We’re not Phish, but we have seven albums, and it felt good to flex our discography.  Over the course of two days, we played 57 different songs (54 Guster songs and 3 covers).  In no particular order:

  • ramona
  • architects and engineers
  • barrel of a gun
  • nothing but flowers (talking heads)
  • expectation
  • hercules
  • what you call love
  • amsterdam
  • lightning rod
  • gangway
  • lazy love
  • center of attention
  • parachute
  • ruby falls
  • homecoming king
  • that’s no way to get to heaven
  • doin’ it by myself
  • fa fa
  • long night
  • hang on
  • airport song
  • careless whipser (wham)
  • keep it together
  • either way
  • backyard
  • rise and shine
  • stay with me jesus
  • careful
  • x ray eyes
  • mona lisa
  • all the way up to heaven
  • two at a time
  • diane
  • captain
  • happier
  • endlessly
  • on the ocean
  • happy frappy
  • i spy
  • satellite
  • come downstairs and say hello
  • do you love me
  • never coming down
  • dear valentine
  • red oyster cult
  • kid dreams
  • manifest destiny
  • simple machine
  • rocketship
  • one man wrecking machine
  • this could all be yours
  • earned it (the weeknd)
  • two points for honesty
  • bad bad world
  • demons
  • jesus on the radio
  • bury me

Did I forget anything?  Granted, two of these songs (All the Way up to Heaven, Two at a Time) only got played because of Request Wiffle Ball — but we dug deep.  It felt good.  If we do this Pot Luck thing again next Thanksgiving, you should come.



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2 responses to “Pot Luck 2015

  1. K

    Hey Brian! I’ve been a fan of yours (and the rest of the Gusters) for the past nine years, and this was my first Guster concert. I went to the Friday show, and I have to say it was pretty dang good! Great set list, and the sound was *amaze-balls*. Wish I could have gone to all three shows, I love you guys that much! Thanks for putting on an awesomely entertaining show! Just have to add, I’m 13 which means, if you do the math, I’ve been listening to you guys since I was four :). Certainly looking foward to it if you do it again next year. I may also go see you guys when you’re playing in Washington D. C. I’m hoping, who knows?

  2. Carole

    You did NOT play Bury Me… I don’t believe it! I want Video 😒

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