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Breakfast Mistakes

Oh yeah, the road journal. I used to write about my breakfast and stuff here.

This morning I started wandering Mass Ave looking for something to eat.  The first thing that was open was Dunkin’ Donuts (of course).  Maybe I lose credibility with the Massachusetts crowd here, but I’m in my 40’s now, and I just don’t want an apple fritter or a microwaved egg sandwich to start my day.  I kept on walking.  I realize my New England audience just stopped reading.  It’s okay.  No one reads long form blog entries anymore anyway. 

Nothing else was really open along this Berklee stretch of Mass Ave at this hour.  Boston Market was closed, and I didn’t want to feel like I just ate a pound of butter, so I almost turned back for a Dunkin’ microwaved egg when I saw the reflection of a Whole Foods in the window of a building.  Just a block away.  Open!  Hot buffet!  Cold buffet!  This is what my body needs now that I am in my 40’s.


When I got to the buffet I instantly made every rookie mistake in the book.  I saw the fried eggs and put two into my compostable food trough.  Then I saw the babaghanoosh and it looked good, so I threw a dollop of that in the corner with a couple of cold falafel patties.  But ooh… plantains!  Two of those.  And of course the salmon salad felt like a delicious and healthy option, so that went on top.  A few cherry tomatoes and some green beans (suckers!  These green beans are lighter than air!  They’re practically FREE!)… and I was ready to go.  For just $9.25!


Meh.  I think I did the equivalent of mixing all my paint colors together until they turn brown.  My Whole Foods breakfast tasted brown.  Babaghanoosh doesn’t taste good on top of plantains on top of tomatoes on top of salmon.  Have I learned nothing in 25 years on the road?

I ate it all but I was still hungry so I bought a box of Fig Newtons at CVS on the way back and ate the whole thing.  It’s good to be back in Boston.


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