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Can We Get In Your Limousine?

So we got this email from someone named Alex on Facebook:


My parents, who are in their 60s (and are not very good with the computer) are huge fans and had this “amazing surprise” for my brother and I plus our significant others for an early Christmas present this year. They just revealed to us that we had VIP tickets to the Guster concert in Columbus on November 17th! We were all ecstatic and cheering….until…. they sent us the information and it turns out they got scammed on the internet- someone had listed their tickets as a VIP experience when in reality they were really just general admission. My parents are extremely bummed (not just about the $1000+ that they spent on 6 tickets) but the fact that they thought we were going to have this incredible experience together. 

And we decided to help out.  We sent a limousine to their house to get them to the show:



And gave them “VIP seats” in the middle of the stage during the encore.  We’re total mensches, we know, but don’t go sending us Facebook messages now when your beer isn’t fizzy enough at the show WHERE’S MY LIMO GUSTER, HUH, HUH?  


btw – who are these people running internet scams for Guster tickets?


Hope you had a great time at the show Alex & Family.  Enjoy this video of our band crashing your party, which is one minute long because Instagram rules all.


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